5 key things you should know before dating a single mother




Taking care of one or more children alone is serious work, therefore the women in these positions deserve some accolades.

So, you just met a single mum that you like and you’re planning to date and marry her.

Sure, your decision is great but you need to get important information before taking this major step.

Without being well informed, you may unintentionally end the relationship before it starts. Therefore, you need to be very careful and open-minded.

That said, here are five things you should know before dating a single mother:

1. Her kids will always come first

No matter how much this woman loves you, she’ll always choose her kids if the need arises. Nothing in the world compares to the love a mother has for her children. And she’ll do anything to ensure her kids remain happy and safe.

So instead of trying to take the place of the single mum’s children, it is best you love and accept them.

Buy gifts for them and spend quality time with them. Within a short time, this woman and her kids will love and accept you.

2. Her ex may keep showing up

Some fathers, even those who abandoned their kids, often feel intimidated when another man shows up.

Do not be surprised if the father of this woman’s children keeps showing up. Sometimes, he may decide to take them to the cinema or an eatery. He’ll keep coming up with excuses just to come around the house, especially when you’re there.

All he wants is for you to back off and once you do so, he’ll stop coming. If you genuinely love this single mum, do not leave.

3. She doesn’t want to be judged

Sincerely, most single women with children do not plan to raise their kids alone. However, life happens and they are abandoned by the men who claimed to love and stay with them forever.

If you’ve decided to marry a single mum, never insult or judge her because of her present situation. Remember that being a single mother doesn’t mean a woman is wayward or irresponsible.

Settle all differences amicably without calling her bad names because she decided to keep her baby.

4. She may have trust issues

Trusting a man again after being previously disappointed can be hard. So the single mum you are planning to marry may find it hard to trust you.

And it can be discouraging, especially if you keep reassuring her about being trustworthy and committed.

But bear in mind that words are cheap, action carries much weight. Instead of talking, keep showing her your level of commitment.

Start by giving her access to your mobile devices, picking calls in her presence, and even telling her about your whereabouts.

Although these gestures might seem little, they mean a lot.

5. Your family and friends may not accept her

Get ready to defend this woman, if you truly love her, because your family and friends may frown at your decision.

Since time immemorial, many people hold the belief that single mothers are unreliable or immoral.

But they do not understand that some women are victims of situations beyond their control.

Moreover, they decided to take full responsibility for their life decisions.

Therefore, you need to convince your relatives and friends about certain unique traits you saw in her that attracted you. Don’t give up, don’t back off!

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