5 Most Celebrated Female Entrepreneurs in Africa

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  1. Faustina Sakyi. Faustina is a proud ghanaian who processes cassava into gari. A business that started in the 1980’s has now over 34 female employees. Starting very little, she can now boast of customers in the UK, US, Nigeria, Mali, and Niger. She has raised her children really well and is able to afford a private education for them. She also extracts starch which she sells to pharmaceutical and textile companies. In Ghana, cassava is one of the most important crop contributing to about 22% of the GDP. The future indeed looks promising for Faustina.


2. Rethleham Tilahum Alemu       Growing up in the Zenebework area of Addis Ababa. Rethleham took up an idea of using recycled materials and other organic fabric to produce footwear. Her idea was ignited after noticing many of the artisans in her community making beautiful footwear but remaining poor. Her brand became the first footwear company in the world to be certified by World Fair Trade Organization(WFTO). She has been featured on Forbes, CNN and the BBC.


3.Grace Amey.Grace Amey is the founder of Forever Clair. She is a Ghanaian who started her business in the 1980’s to promote the beauty of Black Africans. With the help of family and friends she set up her first beauty clinic. Currently, she export her product to Switzerland, UK, and other African countries.


4.Divine Ndhlukula  Divine Ndhlukula is one of Africa’s bravest woman to conquer the male dominated security services. She started her security business with no security business experience. Today her $13 million business employs more than 3,000 people and has become a successful security business. She won the Africa Award for Entrepreneurship  with about 3,400 nominees in 48 African countries in December 2011.


5.Njeri Riongne Njeri Riongne is one of Africa’s serial entrepreneur. She has co founded several multi million companies including Wananchi Online( leading internet services provider), Ignite Consulting, Business lounge, Ignite lifestyle and Insite. From selling yogurt at 20 to becoming Africa’s most celebrated entrepreneur, Njeri believes Africa is the next economic frontier and we must build indigenous organizations that will support this growth.

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