Add A Little More.

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Success is really not for those who start early but the one who finishes the race. This statement is particularly true in different cases as history is a concern. The invention of the telephone is an accurate example.

The telephone is an invention created by different hard-working and very intelligent individuals. However, all the credit is given to Alexander Graham Bell.

Notable amongst these people were Charles Grafton Page, Innovenzo Manzetti, Charles Bourseul, Thomas Edison, Johanna Philipp Reis and a few others.

These individuals did not necessarily invent what we term as the telephone, but they succeeded in inventing something very closer. Although they may term it as the telephone in their perspective.

Bell took up ideas from these individuals  and added a little more. The Supreme Court declared that Bell invented the telephone.

A more intriguing one is that of the Wright brothers. Orville and Wilbur Wright succeeded in flying because they added something more. Similarly, many inventors came very close to inventing the plane, but the credit is given to the wright brothers despite them facing issues relating to their invention.

Napoleon Hill (author of think and grow rich)  puts it in this way ”if you are standing at the threshold of success without being able to pass over try by adding a little more”.

Yes, You Can!

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