The Best Way To Start a Business (Brand)

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1.Pen down any idea that comes to mind
I believe you have an idea already that is why you are thinking of starting a business. Write down any idea that comes to mind. I call it “writing dreaming dreams”. Pen down the biggest idea to the slightest idea that comes to mind. Keeping writing.

Some of these ideas should spring out from the things you love doing. For example, if you love cooking you could consider adding a food business to your list. Keep writing until you run out of ideas. You don’t need to rush. Besides, it does not take a day.

2. Scrutinize your ideas I am very certain by now you have thousands of ideas. It shows you are full of great ideas. Now, its time to do some scrutiny. Out of the innumerable ideas written, select your best 3 ideas. Selection should be based on these factors

  • how easy it is to start such a business in your country or the environment you are
  • how profitable it could be
  • are there too many people running such businesses?
  • could you sustain such a business in the next five years?
  • is it easy to leverage on such a business?

3.Select the golden idea

This is the time to choose the best business you will be working on. Answer these questions to select the golden idea

  • are you really passionate about it?  if yes that is the golden idea
  • is the business capital intensive?     if no that is the golden idea
  • is it easy to get clients?                if yes that is the golden idea
  • would you want to work on the same business in the next 5 years?  if yes that is the golden idea
  •  is it easy to leverage on such a business?  if yes that is the golden idea
  • will your business impact positively on the environment?  if yes that is the golden idea
  • do you need a lot of employees to start with.   if no that is the golden idea
  • can you start on your own.    if yes that is the golden idea
  • are you willing to take every risk associated with such a business?   if yes that is the golden idea


4. Draw a business plan .After choosing your business/brand, it is now time to draw a plan. This stage is very important because, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

  • Start by defining the purpose of the business. What product or service will you provide? what is your vision for the business? What does your business or brand stand for? define your mission and set your principles because it will provide direction for the business and employees. Know your target audience. Who will your business be serving? Which gender, age group, society, region is your target audience? By knowing them, you can plan better.
  • Which companies are already in the game. Knowing your competitor is very necessary. The burning desire to beat your competitor is what will push you to expand.
  • Name your business or brand? This is very necessary because a business is known by its name. Select a name that can easily be pronounced and identified. Be sure of the name because once it goes pubic, it will be very difficult to change. In addission, design a logo that will forever be remembered

5.Time for action. After the paperwork and planning, it is now time to start working. Start by creating a social media page such as Instagram, facebook, twitter just to mention a few for the new business. Social media has become an important tool in a business as it creates more customers.

Depending on your business, you could open a youtube channel or create a website. If you can afford a website from the beginning, you can create one for the business or brand but there is really no need to rush since it comes at a cost. For now, you could start with the free ones.

Create and share some artworks. Share your business logos or flyers on all your social media pages. Entreat your friends and family to share as well because your client could be on their contact list. Follow your audience on social media as well as your competitors. For example, if you are running a cleaning company you could follow people who are into real estate, hotels, schools just to mention a few. Follow people you could offer your services to.

At this point, it is prudent to register the business. Get approval from authorities and get every necessary document.

6.Getting your first job. Getting your first order or contract could be very exciting but can be very difficult as well. You need to keep your clients satisfied because they are the best advertisers. Their referrals could give you an added advantage.

Get your information right. If you are offering a product make sure to know from your client the right quantity he or she wants although an added quantity could put a smile on the client’s face. Be very sure to know the type of product and the right color if necessary your client desires. Paying attention to details is what will make you unforgettable.

If you are offering a service, be sure you have conducted your surveys well, research about what your client wants. If you are offering painting services for example, offer some samples. Just be the best.

Provide the best product or services and be unforgettable. Be your best and put on a smile.

See you at work.

Benedicta Dorcas Tetteh

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